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FBA Music & Instrument Exhibition 14TH of January 2017
VIRGIN OIL CO., 2nd floor, HELSINKI FINLAND 11 am > 3 pm.

New for 2017! On saturday 14th FBA organizes music and instrument exhibition specializing in finnish craftmanship. Day event is free of charge!

Bluetone Amps

Our key interest today is to build HAND MADE FULL TUBE point-to-point amplifiers for guitar and bass players. We also do some maintenance and service work for tube guitar and bass amps when needed. We have played a long time in different bands rock and pop music playing with many well known commercial tube amps. That`s why we have always been very interested in good guitar and bass sounds. First Bluetone amps were manufactured by using the experience and knowledge of the best existing tube guitar and bass amps in the world. When we plan and construct Bluetone amps, we use world`s best well known and famous guitar amps as a starting point for own Bluetone products. Why name “Bluetone“? Somehow it reflects the Blue and Brown Blues and Rock`n Roll sounds from Mississippi Delta to other famous music territories in America which is to our mind the origin of real Blues, R&B and R&R.


Monster Pineland Amplifiers


Four decades of Motivation is driven by our products most refined guitar and bass amplifiers available since 1969. Monster has been honored of being inspired by many of the best-known and highly talented Finnish musicians who have guided our path to the right direction over the last four decades. The Monster family heritage and legacy of quality excellence strives us to continuously develop our products and services to ensure we keep our quality leadership in the market for many more decades to come. New Monster Pineland product meets the highest quality standards with 10 years warranty.

Monster Pineland product family offers wide range of musical audio variations in all power categories. It's impossible to describe all of the available variations and audiospaces, you simply have to hear them live to feel the Monster difference.
2017 Visual Clone Guitars
Research & development started 1989. We offer the far most accurate clones both physically and tonally. Our production methods are much more demanding and time consuming than those used with the general serial production versions available in the market.
2017 Tribute Series
Legendary Artist’s cloned setups with our production methods.


Mad Professor

Hailing from Finlands tonetown of Turenki, Mad Professor has been building fine pedals and amps from 2002. Mad Professor brand is seen on stages with professional guitarists and tone enthusiasts all over the world - today about 97% of the products are shipped abroad to over 50 countries.

Choose your tone weapon from here:


Versoul Ltd is a Finnish company specializing in designing Hi-End products for professional musicians.

Versoul's founder, Kari Nieminen's philosophy in designing and building the instruments is to further the development of guitar making while maintaining a strong respect for tradition.


vuorensaku-logo-home copy.png


Jyväskylä´s own guitar maker Vuorensaku delivers hand crafted excellence in his own unique style, that combines good ol´ Americana and Finnish rustiqueness with his own guitar designs and pickups. Vuorensaku also boasts some lifestyle products, including beard oils.


Hehku Customs

What treats do You want under Your hood?

The sound is the most important quality in Hehku. It has power, precision and warmth. Hehku-amplifiers are carefully crafted by hand to meet all your personal needs and wants. We offer attention to even the smallest detail combined with highest quality components used – exactly like you want it.

For example, the casing of Hehku is handcrafted from Finnish birch-plywood and put together using traditional finger joint-technique, which makes the structure durable and prevents resonating.

We will be happy to help you handpick the perfect speaker and make sure that the sound of your Hehku is made for you.

If you want modern vintage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

More information:

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EKT Syvänen

Our Boutique -Guitar Parts  are individually hand-made components that will improve the sound and appearance of the guitar. Each part that we manufacture goes through an eventful journey from idea and drawing, through different stages of work and testing methods until it it becomes the finished product.

Hand picked raw materials, the development of design and manufacturing processes, combined with an open-minded willingness to experiment, open new opportunities for the production and further development of guitar parts.


Lottonen Guitars

The quality of the tone of an instrument is the sum of various factors. The synergy of materials, shapes, dimensions, finishing and many other things contribute to the tone. Our skill is to create this synergy, and with the best choices to produce this unique instrument that is a good sounding, personal and trusted workhorse.

We pay great attention to playability and easy of playing. An agile and precise instrument is the wish of every musician. As preferences vary we need to pay special attention to neck profile and finish, fingerboard, string heights, tuners, pickups, etc.

Our instruments are built to last long and age with dignity. We respect tradition but are always ready to develop something modern and new on a bespoke basis for you.



Today you can choose between vibrato/tremolo and fixed guitar bridges, but after the choice is made, you have basically just the same effects - if any - from your guitar bridge as all who have the same hardware.

With RiffMeister, choosing it is just the beginning. You can set it up in so many ways that there is a chance that your setup is unique.

Just as an example, you can set E1 string to be taken from slack to almost breaking point – which is five semitones up to A, and the other strings e.g. so that you can bend a chord in pitch. With E1 taken up to A, artificial harmonics are awesome – and plucking the strings when they are slack and letting them slowly climb into tune sounds like B-17 bomber falling down towards you.


Keltainen Jäänsärkijä (RECORDS)

Probably the best record store in Finland docks to Virgin Oil and Nipa has promised to set up ´bout 20 metres of cd´s and vinyl. Come to pick the best ones right away when the doors are opened.

Website: Keltainen Jäänsärkijä Facebook